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Classical Art Inspired Tattoos That Will Blow Your Mind

Lots of people who dislike tattoos brand them unclassy. Of course, this is all dependent on what the person chooses […]


The Process of Making These Rare Traditional Noodles Is Fascinating

These traditional Chinese Suomian noodles have been made in Nanshan Village for over 300 years, and supposedly there are only […]

what dogs see

What Dogs See When They Watch Television

Here’s What Dogs See When They Watch Television   og owners often notice their pets watching televisions, computer screens and […]

pokemon go

Oh no, Pokemon GO

This is not an “How to Be a Pokémon Master” tutorial.   I don’t really like the game. I love […]

Minimalist Wild Animals Tattoos

15 Minimalist Wild Animals Tattoos

Similar to big brushstrokes, Lee Stewart‘s tattoos cover the skin of his clients. Works that totally seem to have been […]

Hyperrealistic Paintings of Children and Animals

Hyperrealist painter Kevin Peterson paints fairytale-like interactions of children and wolves, birds, and bears in scenes much different than the […]


Ancient Gods – When Darkness Ruled the World

Darkness is the opposite of brightness and it is characterized by the absence of visible light. The emotional response of […]

Geodes, crystals, minerals

The Unique Beauty of Geodes

Geodes are rocks that are plain on the outside but can have beautiful crystals on the inside. In the Greek […]

Insects Constructed from Video Game and Computer Components

Winged Insects Constructed from Video Game and Computer Components

Before old circuit boards find their way to the landfill, Portsmouth, UK-based artist Julie Alice Chappell gives them new life as […]

Vertu Signature Cobra

Which are the top 10 most expensive mobile phones in the world?

Its worth noting that mobile phones are integral part of our lives , as , today , with the recent […]